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Daycare Adviser

Due to demand a new service will be coming soon. Many people in the daycare industry as well as owners have approached Diane and requested to attend Dog-E-Dayz Daycare to see how we operate. You will now be able to join us for the day as a spectator or you can now request Diane visit your Daycare.

Diane will cover various subjects including the following:

  • Staff training.
  • Dog assessments and behaviour traits.
  • Legally required paperwork.
  • Appropriate play and when to interrupt prior to over arousal or what may lead to incidents.
  • Positive reinforcement methods in group situations.
  • Lowering arousal in dogs who are arriving.
  • Correct play groups for dogs.
  • Risk assessments.  

If you would like more details regarding these services please email [email protected]



Private 1-hour lesson £30.00 (Owner will attend daycare with their dog for a private lesson with Diane).

Private 1-hour lesson £40.00 (Diane will attend your home/place to meet).

Training for dogs at Daycare  

Would you like your dog trained whilst they are at daycare? Diane will work with your dog on a one 2 one basis.

Daycare and training (30 mins private training session) £15.00

Daycare and training (50 mins private training session covers one or two activities) £20.00

(If owners would like to follow up training provided they must book a private lesson with Diane for 40 mins £15.00. This way you can continue any training your dog is receiving whilst at home).

Puppy Training Package

Diane has designed two different packages for those who would like their puppy to be trained basic life skills and basic obedience whilst at daycare. For further information e-mail [email protected]