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Little Mo playing

Dog-E-Dayz Daycare established in 2011 is more than just a daycare. It's an indoor safe area for dogs!

While at the center dogs will play and learn in areas covering approximately 3500 sq foot.

Here at Dog-E-Dayz Daycare we strive to do more than the average daycare, where dogs are left to play all day. We have a structured day where dogs are given both mental and physical exercise as well as much needed nap times. Dogs are required to have basic training skills and must be happy to be handled by our staff.

All our play areas are covered in 18mm thick rubber gym matting. This is to ensure that dogs are not running and playing on hard ground for up to 10 hours a day and to reduce the chance of impact related injuries. All our staff are trained to understand canine body language and are all first aid trained. We have a fantastic record for good safety with very few dog injuries.

We strive to keep all dogs in our care safe both physically and emotionally. The motivation for Diane and the team continues to be the health and emotional well-being of dogs.  

We all know that playing all day is not natural for dogs to do.

Here at Dog-E-Dayz Daycare we have a structured day, which includes walking, Mental stimulation in the form of scentwork, brain games, basic training as well as the usual play times.

There are designated heated raised beds for the dogs who require to have rest periods through out the day. Mid day all dogs are required to settle down and take at least a 30 minute rest/sleep break.

Dogs are supervised by handlers at all times and will be kept in a controlled and safe manner. Any dogs who show any undesired behavior will not be allowed in the play area. All dogs must be fully vaccinated.

Initial assessment days are available. Feel free contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you wish to visit and look around please contact us on 07841346204 or e-mail [email protected] for further information.

Spots assessment day

Big Dog Area -

For those high drive and high energy dogs plus general larger size dogs

Smaller dog area -

For the playful pups who also like to take it easy at times along side smaller dogs.

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